It is through our work with the Green Fins initiative that Reef-World aims to make sustainable diving the social norm, globally.

 Like most NGOs, we are subject to the boom and bust of project-based grant cycles which do not provide the stability and long-term support we need to achieve the impacts which are vital to conserve coral reefs. Any donation helps us deliver more impact and regular donations provide the needed stability. Regular donors (over £15/month) will be featured on the Reef-World Annual Public Report.

 Here are some stats to show you what your donations can transform into.

  • £1 = more than 1 person being better informed on ocean protection through our global coral reef communications.

  • £30 = up to 20 people from the marine tourism industry receiving Reef-World training, resulting in increased knowledge and capacity to help prevent damage to coral reefs and make them more resilient.

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