• Green Fins harnesses the inherent passion of the marine tourism community to protect reefs.
  • Green Fins provides local and national government with an approach to make industry a partner in protecting coral reefs and the marine environment as an important natural asset.
  • This is done by providing local and international businesses with the knowledge and tools they need to instill long term behavioural change for operational shifts towards sustainable practice.
  • The approach is proven to influence core business practice, with a measurable reduction in environmental impact (Hunt et al., 2013).

Our long-term vision is to make sustainable diving the social norm =

REDUCED LOCAL THREATS TO CORAL REEFS leaving them with a better chance to survive the growing global threats.


Green Fins members sign up for free and are assessed annually on their performance against the Code of Conduct (COC). A score is generated based on risk to the environment. Each year the member and assessor discuss and agree on three actions for improvement. Green Fins certificates are awarded based on ongoing improvements.

Find out more about the COC

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Reef-World trains in-country teams from Government and NGOs to implement Green Fins. This builds capacity of coral reefs management and bridges the communication gap often seen between government and the private sector.


192 Assessors trained

The [assessor] training was great to see what is happening on site with the coral reefs and diving industry, and valuable to be able to talk to our stakeholders directly

Emelou Catipon, Green Fins Philippines coordinator

Green Fins assessors annually deliver awareness raising on environmental impacts on coral reefs right into the hearts of the local communities at tourism hotspots, providing actionable solutions to reduce the threats from their operation and maximize their conservation potential.


4,500+ dive staff trained

Nothing else provides such a high level of service together with environmental training for local staff, environmental assessments and knowledge of the grassroots situation

Holger Horn, Philippine Fun Divers owner


  • Green Fins assessment data is used to inform the development of regulations by government. This has been in the form of national legislation integrating the Green Fins approach into country wide environmental initiatives, to local legislation supporting dive shops in following best practice.
  • Green Fins provides the tools to support industry compliance to the Sustainable Diving and Snorkelling ISO (ISO 21416 and 21417).
  • Governments use Green Fins outputs to report on their obligations to international environmental conventions (Aichi targets, ICRI, CTI-CFF, SDGs)


  • Reef-World is also working to integrate Green Fins tools and messages within the corporate DNA of key leaders from all segments of the marine tourism industry; equipment manufacturers, dive training agencies, resorts and travel agents. From improving the sustainability of their value chains, to making it easier for tourists to choose a Green Fins member these partnerships are resulting in measurable action for the environment as well as shaping consumer demand for sustainability.
Building a symbiotic partnership with The Reef-World Foundation has allowed us to combine our expertise with Green Fins practices to elevate our business and set an example for other dive industry operators

Clay McCardell, President, Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving

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  • Reef-World works with a number of media outlets and dive/travel expos to promote messages of environmentally-friendly diving and snorkeling to the general public. Social marketing and strategic, targeted outreach campaigns reach divers and snorkelers all over the world with tips and tricks for reducing their environmental impacts, and the sustainable diving dialogues and workshops we run have started conversations with the leading industry decision makers about conservation.


  • Reef-World and UN Environment represent Green Fins at international conservation conferences to share lessons learned and successful strategies from Green Fins to the wider conservation community.


Read more about our work at recent conferences in the Reef-World 2017- 2018 Annual Report

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